Lynn Marino - Showing Artist

My name is Lynn Peace Marino. I am a 50 (something) year old nurse by training, artist by heart and have always enjoyed creating things. Nora, a good friend of mine had purchased a goofy looking bird while at the beach. Her piece had the basic shape of a gourd growing in our back yard. Inspired, and wasn't going to be able to buy my own I would have to create my own. So I picked a dried gourd, cleaned it, applied some clay, paint and trim and my first gourdie was born. I began getting requests to create them for friends and family. Then in 2005 I was encouraged to enter an art show. I was shocked, thrilled and terrified when I opened my letter of acceptance. So, laugh a little or just smile if you must, when you meet my one of a kind, martini sippin', and middle-aged gourdie burdees (and a few of their friends). There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

This artist has a web site; click here to visit.

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