Dwight Hostetter - Showing Artist

Dwight Hostetter is an avid woodworking hobbyist who has been involved in woodworking for about 36 years. His first major wood working tool was a Shop Smith, but over the years has accumulated most major wood working tools and equipment. Dwight loves to work with wood. He is in his basement shop almost every day working on various wood projects. He has built everything from strip canoes to baby beds and cradles and lots more. The majority of his work is one-time projects, though he has made duplicates from time to time.

Bill Palmer - Showing Artist

"I am passionate about working with exotic woods. I appreciate them for their intricate grain patterns and natural colors. (All the colors in my work are the natural colors of each wood, except the black, which is actually purpleheart that I ebonize using a secret technique passed by word of mouth among wood artists). I get very excited by woods that we here in the South typically don't get to see. It is pure joy to be able to turn other people on to these jewels from around the world through my art."

"Meandering in the woods inspires creative ideas for me. I also get inspired by the materials themselves. Smooth jazz music keeps me centered while working. A shop full of cool tools and great equipment helps a lot, too."

There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

This artist has a web site; click here to visit.

Laurens Cotten

Laurens was an Industrial Arts teacher in Shelby County for 30 years. Upon his retirement in 2011 he and his wife bought a house on the side of Shades Mountain in Bluff Park. He was able to carve out enough level land to build a workshop which is nestled among the rhododendron and sandstone cliffs.

His work reflects his love and respect for nature. His materials come from small local mills using wood from sustainable urban sources. His boxes and furniture are both organic and architectural. Each piece is one of a kind. His work is guided by the spirit of the wood.

This artist has a web site; click here to visit.

Bill Payton - Showing Artist

Although Bill starts out with a vision for each piece of wood, he says, "It sounds a little funny, but the wood tells me what to do." When asked why he turns he replies, "I enjoy taking wood that would be thrown out and revealing its beauty and uniqueness. I consider it a privilege to have others enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoyed making them. I still cannot believe it when people love my art enough to purchase it." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

This artist has a web site; click here to visit.

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