Adam Snyder - Clay Artist


""My name is Adam Snyder, and I'm a clay artist in Homewood, Alabama. My wife and I moved here from Vermont five years ago; there, I was an alternative education school social worker, and pottery was my creative outlet.


"I believe that functional pieces should be beautiful, and I do my best to make them that way, so they can be used and enjoyed for both their function and their beauty.  I work mostly on the potter's wheel with fantastic porcelain, but I also use white stoneware to make pieces that might need to be a bit tougher. I also do some trays and platters using slab techniques.


"In Vermont, it's white outside much of the year, so we like our houses to be bright and colorful!  To that end, I make my pieces with bright colors and fun designs, to bring warmth and a bit of whimsy to the feeling and appearance of my pieces.  I do much of this work with color by using underglazes, also called colored slips on pieces when they're still a bit wet.  Because the clay hasn't been fired yet in a kiln, it isn't absorbent, so I can put color and design on a piece with sharp and flowing designs that then get fired onto the clay in the bisque kiln.  A protective shell of clear glaze finishes off the piece, allowing it to be food, dishwasher and microwave safe.


"Many clay artists make bowls and plates, so I try to surprise people with the various things that can be made out of clay.  Among my pieces are Jewelry Bowls for earrings, rings and bracelets, porcelain wine goblets with a hardwood stem, to allow the piece to be lighter and more interesting, porcelain luminaria that allows candle light to shine through porcelain, and giant beer steins with a Peking Blue crackle glaze that is incredibly beautiful.


"Starting from a creative hobby, I've turned my work with clay into a business that I'm proud of; in addition to selling my work in many areas of the South, my pieces have been brought to Japan, and several other countries.  It's hugely satisfying to have my work enjoyed and appreciated by people in many places, and since pottery can last a lifetime if taken care of, I know that people who purchase my work will be able to enjoy them for many years!"

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