Bill Payton - Wood Artist



Bill Payton was born in Talladega County, Alabama, in 1940 and has since then been working with his hands in some form or fashion.  Bill uses a lathe, equipment used for turning, where he places all of the wood that he then turns into interesting and always different pieces of art, ranging from small wine bottle stoppers to large bowls of all shapes and design.  



Most all of the woods used to make the bowls and other pieces are native to the southern states—some being harvested from his farm in central Alabama or donated to him by friends.  He also enjoys turning special pieces from foreign or non-native canvases such as bamboo and pink ivory.  Because of the amount of time it takes for wood to dry, he turns the pieces into a rough shape and then sets them aside to dry, sometimes in a kiln.



Once the pieces are almost dry, he can then shape them into beautiful art . Bill uses only beeswax or Tung oil to finish the pieces so that every piece is food safe and can be enjoyed instead of just admired.




When asked why he turns Bill replies, "I enjoy taking wood that would be thrown out and revealing its beauty and uniqueness. I consider it a privilege to have others enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoyed making them.  I still cannot believe it when people love my art enough to purchase it."   Click here to see more on the web.