Clay Artists


Steve Loucks - JURIED Artist

"My ceramic work is divided between utilitarian pottery and glorified vessels. My functional, utilitarian pottery is elegantly or whimsically designed to perform with ease and delight making using it a special and pleasurable experience. My glorified vessels are based upon functional vessels that abandon utilitarian concerns for a more sculptural approach. The pieces are glazed with multiple layers of glazes that are medium to high-fired in a reduction or oxidation atmosphere.

"I enjoy making utilitarian pottery for everyday use in the home or business. I install bathroom and kitchen tile work and make outside, ceramic decorative elements for the home or business." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Nada Boner - JURIED Artist

This Birmingham artist's work is as diversified as her life. She teaches clay classes for beginners in the art of hand building and sculpture, but her passion and focus is in organic ceramic sculpture, influenced by nature, reflecting the world around her. Aspiring, as an artist, to capture a mere glimpse of God's beauty in the form of human, floral and animal depictions, is her goal. Clay is Nada's chosen medium and Raku her favorite glaze technique. The extremes of nature's elements, fire, air and water create the effect on her work. A number of successful shows have made her name stand out among local artists. Nada's work may be seen in local galleries: Art Alley (Edgewood), Bare Hands (Birmingham), Four Seasons (Bluff Park), and Lyda Rose (Homewood). There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Lynnette Hesser - JURIED Artist

"As a ceramic artist, I derive the designs in my work from floral and geometric images and patterns. I create the designs by carving into the surface of the piece or with three-dimensional embellishments. By capturing the essence of flowers, I relate the position and the type of flowers, scenes, or patterns to the shape of each piece. Recreating exact replicas of the individual plants is not important as I add my creative touch, design, and details to each piece.

"Whether they become flowers, leaves, fungus, mushrooms, seaweed, or imaginary plants as wall sculptures or functional serving pieces, the work brings a sweet sense of satisfaction to me to visually enjoy and use. An added benefit is that they never require weeding!" There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Corinne Cox - JURIED Artist

"I am a Birmingham native that moved around and has come back to Alabama. I studied Communication Arts at Florida State, lived and worked in Atlanta then San Francisco, and now call Wedowee, Alabama, home. I enjoy making whimsical ceramic sculptures. My spinning head candle lanterns are low fired with colorful Raku glazes that are mystical, unpredictable and exciting. Each head lantern begins from a mold of my face so I claim that there is a little 'corinnespin' in every piece." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

John Rodgers 

"I make functional decorative pottery of reasonable durability for everyday use. It is my intent that my pots will delight the eye, and engage the user, whether on the table, in the hand or on the shelf. My pots are food safe, and can be used under what might be called classic pottery use conditions. With reasonable care, they will last a lifetime, and with a little luck, will last for generations to come." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Kevin Irwin - JURIED Artist

"I work in various mediums including flame worked glass, ceramics, jewelry design and construction, pen, ink and water color paintings. Practicing in different mediums allows me to explore many types of styles, materials, textures and dimensions. I have attended summer workshops but am primarily self taught.

"If I had to define how my Art effects my life, I would say that it leads me to beauty, joy and laughter which I want to share with others And, it is the language I speak best." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Barbarann Beckett-Gaines - JURIED Artist

Barbarann Beckett-Gaines is a mathematician and computer scientist who fell in love with clay. Now retired from the faculty at Jefferson State Community College, she is Artist in Residence at the Spain Park High School in Hoover, where she works with students in the school's Park Gallery.
"In recent years I have enjoyed hand building and decorating my pieces with my personally designed stamps related to my favorite subject (guess what?) as you can see in this photo. This is not an artist's statement to tell you how to interpret my work. Anyone with eyes can see that it is non-functional and decorative. My goal is to produce a smile on your face when you look at it." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Daphne F. Kelly - JURIED ARTIST

Daphne's love of nature and the ocean inspires her choice of glazes and intricate designs on her handmade necklaces, earrings and sculptures. "Some of my most memorable moments as a child was at the ocean's edge. The sound of the ocean's waves is reminiscent of the earth breathing, I feel like I'm really breathing, really alive, when I'm creating new work." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Becky Bolton - JURIED Artist

At the age of three when my mother gave me some modeling clay to play with, my affinity with this malleable substance was immediate. My imaginings could take shape in real space. During my senior year, 1973, at Vestavia Hills High School this love of clay was reawakened by an artist-in-residence in our new art room containing a potter's wheel and kiln. Throughout my college years I took art courses along with my major science courses every semester, receiving an Interdisciplinary BS at the University of Alabama/New College. There I developed my clay artistry and formulated glazes, so in my senior year I began to make a career in clay. As a self-employed clay artist I have exhibited at many regional art shows over the years, with occasionally gallery showings. Fall 2015 the University of Montevallo hired me as an Adjunct Art Professor for teaching ceramics. Presently (2016) my clay art can be purchased year-round at Blue Phrog Gallery in Montevallo, AL. My career in clay has spanned forty years.

Paveen Beer Chunhaswasdikul - JURIED Artist

Paveen Chunhaswasdikul ("Beer" for short) was born in Thailand. He came to the US to study English at Gadsden State Community College in 1985. After graduation, he attended Jacksonville State University and while there, discovered pottery in an art class taught by Steve Loucks. After successful business ventures, he set up a small studio in 2002 and is now a full-time potter.
"My goal is to make pottery that is expressive and fun. All of my pottery is wheel-thrown and hand built. I do not cast nor use a mold of any kind. I make my own tools and formulate my own glazes. While designing and making functional pottery is fun and enjoyable for me, nothing gives greater pleasure than watching someone pick up one of my pieces to examine it and then smile their approval." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Jayne Harrison - JURIED Artist

Jayne Harrison is an award winning sculptor who lives, works, teaches, and shows in the Birmingham area. She is the Artist in Residence at Hoover High School. Her work can be found at Cobb Lane Gallery and Four Season's Gallery.

"My work incorporates age-old materials and techniques translated into a modern statement reflecting my life and loves. I love being involved in every aspect of production from inspiration to finished piece. Each work is hand sculpted with the emphasis on 'hand.' My work shows my thumbprints. Clay is a lasting medium. Shards of pottery and sculptural work are found where ancient man has lived. Clay records the textures I impose on it from the world around me, and those imprints will be preserved after I am gone." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Adam Snyder - JURIED Artist

"I moved to Alabama from Vermont five years ago; there, I was an alternative education school social worker, and pottery was my creative outlet.

"I believe that functional pieces should be beautiful, and I do my best to make them that way. I work mostly on the potter's wheel with fantastic porcelain, but I also use white stoneware to make pieces that might need to be a bit tougher.

"It's hugely satisfying to have my work enjoyed and appreciated by people in many places, and since pottery can last a lifetime if taken care of, I know that people who purchase my work will be able to enjoy them for many years!" There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Randy Shoults - JURIED Artist

Randy Shoults lives in Montgomery. He has a BS in printmaking and photography from Troy University and a MA in painting and ceramics from the University of Alabama. Randy recently retired after 25 years as Community Arts, Design and Literature Program Manager with the Alabama State Council on the Arts. He works primarily in clay and drawings but sometimes works in a combination of media. His clay work can be either functional or sculptural but is always about making a personal statement, good design, and the unique use of color and texture.

Lindsey Kelly - Juried Arist

 Lindsey Kelly is a young artist from Birmingham, Alabama who received her BFA from Auburn University.  An internship at the Shelby County Arts Council in Columbiana, Alabama, is where she experienced a working community studio and found her interest in pursuing pottery as a career.  Interaction with experienced potters and artists at the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts in New Castle, Maine served as an opportunity to explore, experiment, and reflect.  Lindsey displays her work throughout Alabama, participating in local art shows and events annually including the Moss Rock Festival, River Clay Fine Arts Festival, and the Birmingham Artwalk.

Joseph Frye - Juried Artist

Joseph Frye is an award-winning artist and owner of OBTS Pottery and Sculture, LLC. Each of his unique, organic creations are hand built using a clay foundation. He enjoys incorporating carvings and patterns with the use of objects that have an artistic appeal. Some work could be considered "mixed-media". Joseph uses clay as a canvas to blend imaginative color combinations. He often fuses glass to create the illusion of water in his "Living Water Collection."

Larry Allen-Juried Artist

From the first moment I saw vessels formed on the potter's wheel, I was fascinated and to this day I still haven't gotten over the fascination.  Technique:  The pottery is 'wheel thrown" and most of my work involves a technique known as Sgraffito.  This is a sophisticated method of incising designs onto leather-hard clay that has been completely covered with a colored slip.  Designs:  Most of my designs are inspired by African and Native American work.  I have exhibited and sold my work throughout the United States.  Some of the cities are:  Miami, Baltimore, Columbus, Lexington, Tampa, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Greenville, Houston and Washington, D.C.  ALL the pottery work from start to finish is done solely by me.