Corinne Cox is a native of Birmingham.  Her amazing family has produced many artists that are inspirational with their talents.  Corinne began studying art as a young kid in school, in museum classes and from classes with local artists.  A degree in Visual Communications from Florida State set the direction toward graphic design/advertising.



Corinne's professional experience took shape in Atlanta. She studied and later taught at Portfolio Center, a school for advertising and design which accelerated her professional experience in Atlanta for over a decade.



She moved to San Francisco in the 90s which was a creative blast.  There she was able to freelance as a graphic designer and enjoy continued learning at a community art school.  Ceramic classes were taught by professional artists from the Bay Area.





It was in San Francisco that she fell in love with Raku firing.  Raku is a method of firing that incorporates metallic and low fire glazes.  When the glazes are mature, the piece is pulled from the hot kiln and put into a container filled with combustible material making the art catch on fire.  In this reduced oxygen and smoke-filled environment, magical glazed surfaces can result.


Wedowee, Alabama, is now home; her love of expressing concepts through art has new energy.  Whether thrown pottery or hand built sculptures, Corinne is enjoying making whimsical Raku fired art.  Her unique spinning head candle lanterns are crazy fun.


Conceived along the idea of Jack-o-lanterns, the heads are carved and molded to allow light to come through holes in the clay.  Each head begins from a mold of Corinne's face, and she claims that there is a little "corinnespin" in every one.

You can see more of Corinne's work at CorinneSpin.

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