Daphne Kelly



Daphne Kelly is an award winning sculptor and jewelry designer from Birmingham, Alabama.
For over a decade, Daphne has been in numerous art shows and fairs across the Southeast. She feels that the various color combinations achieved by raku glazes give her work subtle intrigue, with its luminescent burnished slips, textured and smokey surfaces.



Daphne's love of nature and the ocean inspires her choice of glazes and intricate designs on her handmade necklaces, earrings and sculptures. "Some of my most memorable moments as a child were at the ocean's edge. The sound of the ocean's waves is reminiscent of the earth breathing, I feel like I'm really breathing, really alive, when I'm creating new work."


Daphne's jewelry and sculpture may be purchased at the Foley art center, Foley, Alabama, Jennifer Harwell Art Gallery, Homewood and Birmingham, Alabama, Richard Tubb, Birmingham, Alabama, and Four Seasons Art Gallery, Homewood, Alabama.