FIBER artists

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Jennifer Lackey - juried artist

Jennifer Lackey learned handcrafts at her grandma’s knee when she was just big enough to hold a needle. Becoming a serious knitter in college, she soon followed the thread of fiber down the rabbit hole and has now been a spinner for 17 years and an obsessed weaver for 6, especially of gigantic coverlets, having fallen in love with their history. Her spinning has won awards at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, including the overall Best Skein award in 2010 and the Grand Prize for blanket weaving in 2017.

A juried member of the Alabama Designer Craftsmen, she is currently serving as President of the Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild here in Alabama (where she begrudgingly lives, held captive by her husband’s career and eternally disappointed that there isn’t room in their yard for a flock of sheep- although they did steal a cat from the neighbors when her 3 year old daughter informed her that his name was “Grabbo, Cat of Knowledge”, how do you resist that?). She loves nothing more than promoting the love of handcrafts with those around her through the Guild and her own personal teaching, having taught both spinning and weaving for nearly 10 years.

Laura Stacy - JURIED Artist

Laura Stacy creates vibrant batik designs on natural fiber fabrics. Then typically, if they are not made to be framed, she transforms the two dimensional design into wearable art with an entirely NEW dimension. The humble purse, evening clutch, messenger or diaper bag becomes art in motion when a Laura Stacy batik design is carried into everyday life or out on the town. Because they're all hand drawn and hand dyed, no two are ever exactly alike; they are intensely thought about and meticulously fretted over.

"The spark for my batik design was kindled in the 1970's when a hippie friend taught me the magical but time-consuming technique in her basement. It was a time for wild pattern maxi dresses and Peter Max designs and we went where imagination could take us with the garage doors up and the sun streaming down on our work tables."

"Fast forward to 2000 and something. What to do when there is no more car pool? Look backward, dig in the closets and remember what fun it is to draw!"

Victoria Moore - JURIED Artist

This Birmingham fiber artist enjoys using her intuition, love of color, and the tactile quality of fibers to guide her in designing original felted art purses and totes. Victoria creates original designs and transforms a variety of fibers into her functional and decorative fiber art purses and totes.

Victoria is a member of Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild, Handweaver's Guild of America and a juried fiber member of Alabama Designer/Craftsmen. Her works have been shown and sold in several states and in the Tahoe resort area. Her purses and totes and other felted art pieces are available through Cobb Lane Gallery. Click here to see Victoria on TV! There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.


Terry Martin - JURIED Artist

Terry's passion is fiber. Once she discovered spinning and making her own yarns she enjoyed the creative freedom so much that she added dyeing, weaving, knitting, ply-splitting, felting, silk fusion, inkle weaving and just about any fiber technique she could to creating her fiber art.

Her unique hand woven pieces begin with combining, hand painting and/or dyeing yarns. This process transforms the yarns into one-of-a-kind pieces of art themselves. This transformation also adds some fun and lightness into the forming project.

Terry has exhibited her work in several galleries including Maralyn Wilson's Gallery and Lyda Rose. She is a juried artist with the Alabama Designer Craftsmen. She received an Honorable Mention at the juried Leeds Art Show, and has been juried and shown her work at the Magic City Art Connection. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Druscilla Defalque - JURIED Artist

Druscilla uses paint, dye, paper, fabric, thread, and ink line in a collage technique. Often, the line and texture are used in an organic form to produce representational or nonobjective pieces. She received her BA at the University of Iowa and her MS at Butler University in Indiana.

She has exhibited at the Hoover Public Library, the Montgomery Museum of Art, Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis, the Oncology Clinic at the Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham, and many other locations. Druscilla is also a member of the Indiana Artist Craftsmen, Embroiderers' Guild of America and England, and the Alabama and International Experimental Artists. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Debra Meyer Scott - JURIED Artist

Debbie's love for fiber and textiles led her on a journey that began with handspinning and weaving, then on to feltmaking and textile art. Recently, she was a featured artist on the UAB School of Optometry, regarding vision and her art work. She has taught workshops in dyeing, felting and handspinning. She has exhibited at Homewood Public Library and Birmingham Botanical Gardens. She is currently the Alabama state representative for Handweavers Guild of America (HGA), member of the North American Felters Network (NAFN), member of Working with Felt group, and Past-President of The Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild, and still an active participant.

This artist has a web site; click here to visit.

Barbara Mitchell - JURIED ARTIST

Barbara has been stitching with fabrics since she was a student. She finds working with textiles an artistic way to express her belief in the beauty of God's creation and finding the sacred in the ordinary. All her art is original; she works intuitively rather than with patterns. Barbara specializes in landscapes and also makes realistic and abstract pieces. Her techniques include hand stitching, appliqué, surface designs and embellishment.

Barbara's art has been featured in solo shows as well as state and national shows. She has won various prizes and one of her works toured the US for a year. She also teaches and lectures about fiber arts, landscapes, and the creative process. Her works are in personal and liturgical collections throughout the country. There is more of this artist's work on this website; click here to see it

Susie Strauss - JURIED Artist

"My love of working with fiber and creating with my hands started at a very young age with potholder weaving, spool knitting, and lanyard braiding. After being an avid knitter for many years, I realized that my eye and interest were consistently being drawn to the art of weaving. I see weaving as being a multi-faceted process based on the science and math of the interaction of colors and fibers to the art of the visual images and desired outcome.

"I find myself 'painting' with the different yarn fibers and colors to create functional art objects. These take the forms of scarves, shawls, placemats, and dish and tea towels; as I believe in being surrounded by beautiful handcrafted items in all aspects of one's life." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Janice Weinstein - JURIED Artist

When I was six my mother and grandmother introduced me to my lifelong passion for working with fiber. Whether knitting, weaving, felting, crocheting, dying fibers or designing, I love experimenting with color, texture and technique to produce wearable art.

The joy I found in creating new ways of using and combining different yarns led to my design of professional patterns. For me, the challenge of developing an idea, choosing the fibers, writing the pattern and watching it grow stitch by stitch into a completed piece is exhilarating. Many hours go into designing and creating my patterns and fabrics but each piece reflects my passion for fiber.

My garments and designs have been shown at venues including:
Highlands N.C. Arts/Crafts Show, Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Fine Craft Classic, The Blue Light Special Art Show, Central Alabama Artist Guild Show, Bare Hands Gallery, Artists on the Bluff and several boutiques.

I take great pleasure in learning and teaching the craft of creating with fiber. Through the years, I have taught beginners to knit and helped experienced knitters master new techniques. Regardless of what level of accomplishment my students achieve, my hope is that each one experiences the joy I do when working with fiber.

I create by hand, from the heart...

Kay Moates - JURIED Artist

Kay is a fiber artist designing wraps with a difference. Created during her silence, they are an alchemy of earth fibers, stones and quiet. She knits ancient symbols into wearable tools for today's life to ignite, empower, and magnify inner connections. They are soul whispers woven into body wings. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Mary Elaine Harris - JURIED Artist

Several years ago, I ran across some books on freeform knitting. My knit spirit was freed. With freeform knitting there is no pattern, as such. I just grab some favorite colored and textured yarns and let the piece design itself as I knit.

I have a degree in Graphic Design from UAB. My favorite professor, Edith Frohock, said
above all "I was a colorist". She was correct. I love playing with color and watching as the colors play together in my pieces. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Kami Watson - Juried Artist

A nomadic past with a focus on environmental conservation and humanitarian services has exposed Kami to global influences in design and culture and has fostered her desire to create functional and visual art with an ecological sensitivity.

As a second generation fiber artist, she freely explores the traditional art of wet felting, the fusing of raw fibers into a textile form with soap, water, and agitation, as well as the contemporary technique of nuno (fabric) felting, continuously experimenting and pushing her personal creative boundaries in style and technique.

he combines renewable natural fiber resources, reclaimed silk sari and clothing fabrics, and her own hand dyed fabrics and fibers to organically create each of her works of art. She allows the materials she uses, and influences and experiences in her life, past and present, to guide her instinctively in color and design.

An award winning fiber artist, Kami currently resides in Alabama, where she creates and teaches in her studio. Her work is available at juried fine art shows, and in galleries around the United States.

Jenny Gorman - Juried Artist

Creating textiles has been a constant for me since I was introduced to hand weaving as a teenager. The craftsmanship I learned then has served me well throughout my career. My work as a textile designer has made me a better hand weaver by exposing me to interesting novelty yarns and complex woven structures. Exploring the way color is altered by adjoining colors, or pattern and or texture is the joy hand weaving brings to me. When I weave a scarf or poncho on my handloom I enjoy watching how the fabric slowly evolves warp over weft inch by inch.

Ruth Truett - Juried Artist

Ruth Truett has been a weaver since the early 1970s.  She earned a Master of Science and Master of Fine Arts in the 1980s.  She has produced and sold her artwork from her studio and at craft fairs and is represented in public and private art collections.  Ruth has taught for guilds, art centers and at John C. Campbell Folk School; at universities in Tennessee, Alabama, and Illinois; and privately.

 Woven wall-hangings are about landscapes, color, texture and ideas.  They are expressions intended to stimulate the viewer, give comfort, or inspire introspection.

Cones of yarn are wound in an orderly manner and laced onto a floor-loom, woven into a thick, soft, mixed color ground with colorful inlay yarn on the surface.  The complexity of weave drafting and the interplay of color and texture keeps me excited about the process and the presentation possibilities, whether weaving wall hangings, table linens or fashion.