GLASS artists


Steve Smith - juried artist

Empty bottles seem to gather in our New London, Alabama studio. Glass bottles are such a wonderful medium, they are abundant, and their otherwise future in a landfill is almost assured, where they are believed to last over a million years...pretty much forever. They offer a smooth, translucent, reflective quality, stirring both the tactile and visual senses. My works include wall sculpture mosaics, wind chimes, wall tiles, pendants, and earrings.

Recycled bottles vary in composition as well as color. Additional colors are achieved through the use of powdered glass enamels and frits into which designs and patterns are sketched. Bottles are cut with a diamond blade wet saw, melted and fire polished in kilns, and at times sand tumbled, all of which provide for the variety of appearances and textures. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Neal Hearn - Juried Artist

Neal began creating boxes in 1984 and has made thousands that are spread all over the world. Boxes are sold on the web, at art/craft shows, and wholesale to galleries. His body of work includes the use of many techniques and materials include fused glass, copper, gemstones, wood, and others. He uses traditional glass construction techniques with a few of his own twist, fusing, metal fabrication and forging, wood carving (limited), and electroplating. Neal also cuts and polishes gemstone material. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Carolyn Ratliff - JURIED Artist

Carolyn Ratliff began working in kiln fused glass after retiring from a career in computer science. She has pursued various artistic mediums throughout her life and finds that they provide an excellent background for working with glass. She makes functional plates and bowls as well as pictures to hang on the wall. The color and sparkle of glass influences each completed piece.

Ronnie Seitel - Juried Artist

I've been working with stained glass since the early 1980s. My goal is to engage the viewer while providing a sense of joy through the colors and design of my work. Most items are one of a kind; my love is creating original designs inspired by nature and architecture. My work is handcrafted for lasting quality and design.

I bring my love of light, color and design to each piece of stained glass and glass related objects I create. I enjoy making intricate sun catchers with their individual outlines, mobiles, boxes, and windows of various sizes. I create my own patterns and incorporate wood, shells, wire, and other metal objects in some my designs. Some of my creations are functional, while all are meant to be visually appealing.

Karen Dixon - Juried Artist

Karen Dixon is an independent glass artist and freelance teacher specializing in classes for individuals with disabilities. In addition to her art career, she is the Assistant Director at The Horizons School, a post-secondary private school for young adults with learning difficulties, autism and developmental disorders.

Dixon’s work has been exhibited throughout the southeast at juried gallery and museum exhibitions. She has received numerous awards including the Maury Smith Award at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art, Montgomery art Guild Fine Art Exhibition. Dixon was the founder of Dixon-Ballog Glass Gallery & Studio, a fine art glass gallery and kiln-formed glass teaching studio in Birmingham, AL from 2009-2013.

Dixon trained as a research scientist which has been instrumental in her commitment to fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. It is this love of experimentation that continues to drive her technical development in kiln-formed glass.


Theresa Heffner - JURIED ARTIST

Over the last 25 years, I have perfected soldering techniques, primarily using the copper-foil method of constructing traditional stained glass pieces.

Creating glass dreams in transom windows, cabinet inserts, sun catchers, sidelights, stepping stones and stained glass repairs comes second nature. I see the project done. I have never met a project I didn't like! My customers contribute the most excellent color & design inspiration and imagination, from the Arts and Crafts movement to modern abstract designs. They just don't know how good THEY are!

Presently, my work is displayed at Artists Inc, Gallery located in Vestavia Hills, AL.

Cathy Jo Wheeler- Glass.jpg

Cathy Jo Wheeler - Juried artist

Cathy Jo Wheeler's jewelry has been described as playful, whimsical, funky and FUN! Cathy designs jewelry using dichroic glass. She is drawn to bright, rich colors and the interplay of light both reflected and transmitted through the dichroic glass, which has a unique character of reflecting an array of different colors depending on the angle of the light and the angle of view. Each piece is hand cut from dichroic glass, and the different patterns of glass are fused together in a kiln. Cathy uses sterling wire to wrap each piece which creates a beautiful way to anchor the piece to the ear wire or chain. She also creates unique jewelry from silver and mixed metal wire.