Janice Weinstein - Fiber Artist






"My love for knitting began at age six.  My mother and grandmother spent Sunday afternoons together chatting and knitting.  Naturally, I wanted to be involved. So, they taught me to knit.  I was so proud when I completed my first project, a blanket for my doll.  As my enthusiasm grew, so did the size of my projects.







"My love of fiber began at age six when my mother and grandmother taught me to knit.  As my basic skill set improved, my curiosity led me to design.



"I love experimenting with color, texture and technique.  Through the years I have taught men, women and children the mechanics of basic knitting.  I have also helped experienced knitters master new techniques.  It is personally satisfying to teach as it perpetuates the craft of knitting.





"The creative process is a challenge that I enjoy.  The art of developing an idea, choosing the fibers, writing the pattern and watching it grow stitch by stitch into a completed piece is exhilarating.  Whether it is a company wanting to publish my pattern or an individual wanting to purchase the finished piece, it brings me great joy.  It is my passion!


"My work has been exhibited in a number of venues including: Bare Hands Gallery, Highlands N.C. Women's Arts/Crafts Show, Artists on the Bluff, Alabama Designer/Craftsmen Fine Craft Classic and Blue Light Special Art Show.

"I design and knit by hand, from the heart..."


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