Kathy Nelson - Basket Artist


"I am an Alabama native and I create coiled art from long leaf pine needles. Growing up "among the pines" instilled in me my love of pines, the fragrance and colors.


"Pine needle baskets are very time consuming and tedious and I've spent up to 15 hours making a basket. I gather my own needles and coiling a basket is very relaxing.



"Pine needle art is one of the oldest crafts known, some say it pre-dates pottery. Although I am relatively new to pine needle basketry I find it very rewarding to see my finished basket.




"I love every aspect of the basket making process, from gathering the needles, sorting, drying, soaking, and finally coiling.



"I appreciate the fact that I am making a useful basket from pine needles that would soon decompose if left on the ground.

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