Kay Moates - Fiber Artist





Kay is a fiber artist designing wraps with a difference. Created during her silence, they are an alchemy of earth fibers, stones and quiet. She knits ancient symbols into wearable tools for today’s life to ignite, empower, and magnify inner connections. They are soul whispers woven into body wings.   



"With passions gleaned from my forty-five year career in performing arts, I created On Slender Threads, a line of wearable Zen moments that, like dance, help people experience body and soul connections. These Mindfulness Mantles and "tiny quiets" merge handwork techniques with the craft of knitting -- skills I've cultivated since childhood that were taught and encouraged by my maternal line of extraordinarily talented women artists.

"Still today their needle song pulses through my veins. The rhythmical process of looping natural fibers and stones during my meditation imbues earth awareness and quiet into each stitch. This highly intuitive process morphs ancient symbols into modern day tools for conscious artful living.





Mindfulness Mantles and "tiny quiets" have been shown in galleries and fine arts and craft shows in New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and through out the Southeast.

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