Leigh Lynn - Jewelry Artist




"I studied art at the University of Houston and the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  I have caressed clay on the wheel and stroked canvas with oil.  But I found the most clarity with relief sculptural forms in clay and jewelry, painting instead with epoxy resin or patinas and watching high gloss shimmers emerge from polished buffing of raised textures in metal.




"Blending colors and textures to evoke mysterious, spiritual effects, I'm mesmerized by movement, especially the dancing kind.  Balanchine and Calder are my heroes.



"I often walk in the woods in north Alabama on the banks of the Locust Fork River, which provides inspiration, joy and solace.  I work with Friends of the Locust Fork River to defend one of the last free flowing rivers in Alabama.  Life sustaining rivers are my other heroes.  The classic symbol of purification and rebirth, they embody mystery and beauty.





"I respond to materials I find in my studio, choreographing copper and silver into love-laced embraces.  Epoxy resin flows into bezels caressed by copper droplets.  Waves of copper undulate and flirt with each other falling into twisting, turning, tumbling caresses.



"I hope to evolve like the river, ever changing, ever soft and ever powerful.  You can see my work at Leigh--the Art of Leigh Lynn."

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