Lynn Peace Marino - Gourd Artist





"Growing up in a large family with limited resources, I discovered early on that creating things from what you have around you was resourceful and rewarding.




"Having explored many types of art media over the years for fun or necessity, I discovered the amazing world of gourds.  I knew I finally had found 'my art.'





"Myself, like most gourd artists, let the gourd do the talking.  They tell me what they are to become: a bowl, vase, birdhouse, or even a whimsical character. 




"I enjoy the transition process from a dirty hard fruit into a beautiful piece of fine art.





"This process may include pyrography, sculpting, carving, dyeing, painting or weaving on a gourd; this can take from hours to weeks until the piece is completed.






"I receive great satisfaction when someone breaks into a smile when they see one of my gourds for the first time.





"So, after over 40 years working as a registered nurse, I have retired and am working as a full-time gourd artist.  I have been fortunate at this time to have become a recognized, successful, award winning artist in both the gourd and art world.






"I always welcome the opportunity to share my love and knowledge of gourds to others. The gourd, Mother Nature's canvas."

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