Lynnette Hesser - Ceramic Artist



"As a ceramic artist, I derive the designs in my work from floral and geometric images and patterns. I create the designs by carving into the surface of the piece or with three-dimensional embellishments. By capturing the essence of flowers, I relate the position and the type of flowers, scenes, or patterns to the shape of each piece.  I seek to involve the viewer in the wonder, intricacy, and subtle simplicity of the delicate qualities of nature and pattern. Attention to detail is paramount in my work.






"In springtime, our mailbox fills with flower catalogs which I peruse with great pleasure. On each page I envision a plant or two growing in my gardens. I love to fill out the order forms and then, rarely, send in the order. Half the fun is enjoying the beauty, lavish colors, and forms of the flowers and plants that spark my fancy.


From these images, and the plants I actually do grow in my gardens, come the inspiration for my flower pieces. Recreating exact replicas of the individual plants is not important as I add my creative touch, design, and details to each piece.





Whether they become flowers, leaves, fungus, mushrooms, seaweed, or imaginary plants as wall sculptures or functional serving pieces, the work brings a sweet sense of satisfaction to me to visually enjoy and use. An added benefit is that they never require weeding!

"My college degrees in Ceramics and Education come from Denison University, the University of Florida, and Jacksonville State University. Having been awarded the Alabama State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Crafts for 2011 is a wonderful acknowledgment of my ceramic skills and work. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and techniques at workshops and am a full-time artist working in the studio with my husband, Steve Loucks, in Wellington, Alabama.

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