Mixed media artists


Leigh Lynn - Juried Artist

Leigh uses traditional metalworking and patina techniques along with newly found epoxy resin in her studio in Irondale. Her walks along the LFR imbue her sensual, sculpted shapes with soft grace. There is also an orderliness that reflects her other life as a computer programmer. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

JoannE Staley - Juried Artist

Joanne Horvath Staley has been an award winning, multi-dimensional artist for over 40 years. A first generation Hungarian-American, she counts a stone-carver, a custom milliner, two painters and a violin maker in her immediate blood line. Her personal artistry is in painting, silversmithing and fiber art. A trained artist and certified art teacher, she has captured prizes from juried art competitions in the South and purchase awards from national corporations. Joanne is currently teaching art in the AUM continuing education program. Her art teaching background is extensive and diverse, having been an "Artist in Residence" for The Alabama State Council for the Arts and the Montgomery Arts Council. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Gloria Adams - Juried Artist

"I have always been fascinated by the beauty God placed in the rocks and minerals of the earth. I also love jewelry; I love to buy it, I love to wear it; I buy my clothes to match my jewelry. In 2002, I bought my first wire wrap pendant; its style was different from others I'd seen, and it matched my personality perfectly! The stones were polished to a high luster, and the gold wire seemed to magnify the beauty of the sparkling stone. I was hooked. Since then, it's been my mission and delight to create wire jewelry using polished stones and gemstones. My husband Steve cuts my stones for me, so our jewelry is a family affair." There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Nancy Hammond - Juried Artist

Nancy Hammond has been involved with Alabama Designer Craftsmen for nearly twenty years. During that time she served as vice-president and then president. At that time Raku pottery and clay tiles were her craft. Then "silver clay" came along. It was just the way to go for her art. After workshops with nationally known artists, conferences, and personal experiments with this new product, she began making fine silver jewelry. Nancy has been working with this for eight years. Each piece, one of a kind, evolves into another design. Each a new "adventure" for the artist. She sells at craft shows and galleries. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Steve Adams - JURIED Artist

Steve Adams has rocks in his head... or, on his mind, at least. Steve creates cabochons from pretty jaspers and agates, which fellow ADC member and wife Gloria uses in her jewelry creations. Steve also creates Intarsia, or stone marquetry, using small pieces of stone (shown here). There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

Cindy Miller - Juried Artist

Cindy is a native of Huntsville, Alabama.  She studied art at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and began a career in graphic design while attending school.  In her mid-thirties, she also became an archaeologist earning a degree in Anthropology from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Art and Archaeology have been the leading influences in Cindy's life and they have heavily shaped her creative path. Cindy has been working with metal clay since 2004 and received her PMC certification in 2008. As part of the Metal Clay Master's Registry she has earned the level of Maters Level II.  In May 2017 Cindy won the prestigious Saul Bell Award, an international design award aimed at highlighting artists who excel artistically and technically in the jewelry industry. Cindy's work has been showcased in galleries across the United States including Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, and Tennessee. She was a contributing artist to the exhibition entitled Cultural Messages: Symbolism Through the Ages at Purdue University and Crafthaus exhibition entitled New Directions: Powder metallurgy (Metal Clay) in a sheet Metal World. Her work has been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, Metal Clay Artist Magazine, BeadStyle Magazine, Fusion: The Journal of the International PMC Guild, and Contemporary Metal Clay Rings.

Vaughn Millner Labradorite Pendant.jpg

Vaughn Millner- Juried Artist

Vaughn Millner is an Alabama gulf coast jewelry artist and metalsmith who also teaches silversmithing classes. She lives on the Tensaw delta and draws her inspiration from the vast water, sky, flora and fauna around her. All of her pieces are hand-fabricated and one-of-a-kind. Pieces may be produced in a collection, but each is unique.

Self-taught, she has also trained with master jewelers and has gained the technical skills to create jewelry that reflects her designs. She seeks to create contemporary pieces using ancient techniques, thus making wearable art jewelry that transcends time and place.

Her silver work is created using an acetylene torch to solder or fuse sheets of silver and other metals she has patterned or etched through a variety of techniques. She fires pieces to about 1400°multiple times throughout the fabrication process. She often layers sterling and fuses pieces together in abstract patterns prior to assembly and soldering. She pays close attention to detail. Pieces are finished by hand polishing with museum wax to protect the patina or hand-rubbed glow.

Toby Klein - juried artist

Like a real Kaleidoscope, Toby's art is created with a burst of color, symmetry of design and motion all captured in "The Artists Kaleidoscopic World". Her goal in creating work is to intrigue each person by drawing their eye into the piece of art, while holding it there so they may see all of the intricate detail. In developing her style, she has always been intrigued by different and unusual pieces of art and has strived to do the same in her work. She is a mixed media artist, whose work is contemporary and ranges from different degrees of abstraction and experimental to representation. Her images both representational and non-objective show the use of color, design & techniques as seen through the artist eyes.

All of her work is an adventure – beginning with an idea and then working through each phase to completion. The journey begins by creating color, depth & texture with Toby’s hand-dyed & painted papers, textured & embossed metals, kiln formed glass & fibers, which are layered and built up into a three-dimensional collage. She sometimes uses other small items if it completes the overall design. Other pieces show dimension through the painting process.

Toby won the top award at the 2013 Bluff Park Art Show ($3500 - Purchase Award for their permanent collection). She was selected as the Artist for “Southern Voices” in 2010 and exhibit in the Hoover Library Gallery for 3 months. Among awards, locally as well as internationally, she was a Finalist in “The Artist Magazine’s” 2006, 2005, 2003 & 2002 Annual Art Competition. Toby is a Signature Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters, International Society of Experimental Artist - (Signature/Nautilus Fellow), Southern Watercolor and Watercolor Society of Alabama, where she served as President in 2003-2004. She is an Elected Member of the National Association of Women Artist in New York.

Anne Moore Mixed Media.jpg

Anne Moore - juried artist

I am a metal smith who loves to create simple and modern pieces that are timeless and feminine. I primarily work with sterling, gold filled and some copper. I like little details so I often embellish my pieces with tiny gemstones or freshwater pearls. My jewelry is simple, versatile and can be worn with a variety of styles. It makes me really happy when people tell me they love to wear my jewelry- that's what it's all about for me.

After living all over the country and raising our three daughters, my husband and I find ourselves back where we started in sweet home Alabama- and loving it!

Norman Morgan - JUried Artist

Throughout their lives together, Norman and Emily have used their artistic abilities to remodel and sell several homes. Upon retiring, they decided to pursue something that would utilize their artistic and design abilities. They started taking classes in jewelry making at The Mountain Metalsmiths School of Jewelry, and found they enjoyed this activity. Norman became interested in the art of chase and repousse'. This art form uses hammers and punches to move metal into a design, by repousse' (raising) and chasing (pushing) of the metal. He trained with El Maestro (Master) Fabrizio Aquafresca of Florence, Italy and excels at this art form. He uses it to create bracelets, pendants and earrings.

Emily creates many beautiful and unique designs. She is often told her style is retro or boho. The seventies definitely influences her style and love for colors. Together they are dedicated to creating beautiful and quality pieces of jewelry that will be enjoyed for years.