Jill Marlar -  Juried Artist

Jill is an Intaglio Printmaker who uses etched and aquatinted zinc plates printed on fine paper. All of her images are hand etched using a variety of tools and acidic baths, and each print is hand printed in limited edition. The images in Jill's work are often glimpses into the past, recalling those experiences through recollection or family stories. There is more of this artist's work on this web site; click here to see it.

David Byland - Juried Artist

 After over thirty years as a university professor, David has turned his attention to becoming a full-time leather artist.  His work has been sold in the gift shop at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City as well as in other museums and local shops.  He has created custom leather products for everyone from owners of marine exploration vessels toprofessionals looking for a unique corporate presence.  David is an Exhibiting Member of the Alabama Designer Craftsmen and has been selected to participate in several juried art shows.  If you are interested in commissioning a custom leather product, please email.

Brooks Barrow - Juried Artist

My work stems from an interest in minimalism. In my natural stone bowls, I've sought to create lasting minimalist works that maintain visceral and tactile qualities all while being rooted in utility and function. 

Each bowl is hand-tooled, free-form from blocks of natural stone using traditional tools and techniques. This process yields subtle asymmetries and produces a softness of line and form not possible with a lathe. This softening effect is particularly evident in round bowl forms. After tooling, each bowl is either given a tooth chisel finish or is honed and polished to a matte finish sufficient to reveal the color and grain. I believe that it is through this process that helps to combat the perceived coldness of mathematical precision often associated with minimal work.  I choose stone not only for its permanence, but I also enjoy both the challenges and limitations inherent in the process to create works that are authentic to the material.