Robert Taylor - Coppersmith




Coppersmith Robert Taylor is a Roycroft Master Artisan.  He is one of only five Roycroft Master Coppersmith in the country to hold that title.  On the bottom of each piece you will find two special marks, or stamps; one with his initials and one that denotes his work is made in the Roycroft style.








Robert began working with metal as a blacksmith about 28 years ago.  Through the years he has studied with many master blacksmiths from the United States and Europe.  After seven years concentrating on iron as the medium of choice, Robert was introduced to copper which he fell in love with.  Robert started coppersmithing by making different whimsical critters and weather vanes.






The copper Cahaba Lilly is his most well known flower piece although as also makes irises, magnolia blossoms, roses and orchids.  Robert continues to make his outdoor garden sculptures, though not as many since turning his attention to the fine hammered copper.






These pieces are reminiscent of pieces made during the "Arts and Craft" period from about 1900 –1930.  Robert was able to work with Master Roycroft Artisan Robert Trout to help him with the fundamentals of the style, then he taught himself the finer points of design.




Continuing to learn the art of coppersmithing by studying the work of the old masters of the craft is his passion.  Each piece that Robert makes has the feel of the old work blended with his own style.