Steve Smith - Recycled Glass Artist




Steve Smith has always been an artist, it just took him about 50 years to realize it!  He was a doodler from an early age—it was much more fun to make intricate drawings instead of taking notes. 



When he and his wife Sally moved to the country, they began transforming the simple cow pasture into a home place filled with trees and flowers, many of which Steve had grown and propagated himself, even though his job took him away from home for about two weeks out of each month.



Several bumps in the road—twists and turns of fate—and Steve decided it was time to try to make a living honoring his creative talents.  A friend moved, sold her kiln and he began experimenting with whatever he could find to melt.  Since there were always a few wine bottles around, he began melting those.  With his love of nature and a hope to leave this world a better place for those that come after us, re-configuring bottles otherwise bound for a landfill seemed like a good path to follow… so began Art From Empties



Over the years he has developed techniques to cut, melt, shape, drill, polish and color the recycled glass in a fashion that is both creative and unique.  Powdered glass frits and enamels add an array of bright colors and textures to his pieces.  The reflective and sensual nature of the melted glass invites visual as well as tactile examination.  As an artist he seeks to create works with balance, harmony, and a reflectivity that allows for ever-changing imagery.  His pieces are not transparent like stained glass—they look back at you—inviting deeper exploration.


Steve’s work can be found in galleries and shops around the Southeast and also at art shows where he loves meeting people and sharing his creations with them.  He has also taught classes at John C. Campbell and the Alabama Folk School and loves to share what he has learned with others. 



His pieces range from pendants and earrings to wind chimes, art tiles, mosaics and wall sculptures. 

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